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Technology in the Classroom: Apple Clips

Apple Clips

Two years ago I purchased my domain and WIX account to begin sharing educational technology ideas with teachers. In two years, a lot has changed, and new ed tech is coming on the market every day. Sometimes, it is hard to identify what is great, and what is simply a fad. However, there is one ed tech company that is not going anywhere, Apple. If you have read previous posts, you will remember that I love Apple products, but I also love using Apple's ed tech. I started off years ago trying to create a social studies textbook for students using iBooks Author (spoiler alert: it was too much work!), and then gravitated to iMovie. Both products are fantastic, and easy to use. So, when I purchased my new iPhone X, I immediately began searching for what was new, and stumbled across Apple Clips. Apple Clips is a quick way to make fun videos with text, animated stickers, emojis, and images. When I originally stumbled across it, I dismissed it as something I would not use. However, in my new role as an online course creator for my county, it has become one of my main ways of delivering content to my students.

So my previous description of Apple Clips does not do it justice...I think it may be easier to just show you the "awesomeness" of Apple Clips.

I hope that helped give you a glimpse into the "awesomeness" of Apple Clips. It allows you to make quick, entertaining, and engaging videos that will hold you audiences attention. However, it also may be helpful to see how all of those tools come together in making a great video for your students. I upload my clips to YouTube, and then load those YouTube videos into Nearpod Lessons. Check out one of my lessons below:

I hope you enjoy using Apple Clips with your students, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Please find one person in your school, and share with them. It would mean a lot to me! Also, if you do not already subscribe to the website, click here to get great educational technology ideas, tips, and tricks sent directly to your inbox. You can find me on Twitter @teachandcoachga. I look forward to seeing how you use Apple Clips with your students in the comments below.

Have a great day!

D. Barkes

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1 Comment

Randy Bright
Randy Bright
Jul 23, 2023


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