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Technology in the Classroom: Popplet

For me, the school year is right around the corner. At the start of every year, I am just as excited as day one. I believe I stay motivated as a teacher because I am constantly searching for new things. One of the new things I am excited about this year is popplet. I discovered popplet several years ago, but never had a chance to use it. I stashed it away on my Symbaloo page, and "rediscovered" it this summer.



popplet is a mind-mapping tool that helps students organize their thoughts around a concept or theme. They can use facts, thoughts, and images to help create visual relationships with what they are learning. popplet promotes visual learning among students, and in the spirit of visual learning, check out their example of a great popplet here.

How to Use popplet

One of my favorite things about popplet is that it is extremely easy to use. Simply create an account, pick your plan (there is a free one), and start creating.


popplet is simple to use, but also has a lot of very cool features. After you click on the canvas to add your first popplet (their name for the text box), you have a variety of options.

1. Type in your thought.

Pretty simple.

2. Change the color

Although this is a simple feature, it is extremely helpful in organizing similar thoughts or themes.

3. Adjust the text size

Another simple feature, but if you want to make a particular thought jump out, it can be eye catching.

4. Draw

So, it seems like ed tech companies have figured out kids love the draw feature, and they are right. Kids LOVE the draw feature!

5. Image

Adding images is one of my favorite features. I am a visual learner, and believe content should be eye catching. Images help bring to life the concepts and thoughts of students.

6. Adjust the size

Much like the text size, the popplet size can be changed as well. Another great way for students to emphasize the importance of an idea.

7. Collaborate

Saved the best for last. Collaborate allows others to work with you on your popplet board. This is my favorite feature by far! To be able to have students work together at school or from their homes is awesome! They can share ideas and help create an awesome visual board that will help them better understand the relationships you are teaching.

Great Popplet from Virginia is for Teachers


popplet can be used on both iPads, as an app, and other web enabled devices. Remember, there are paid versions, but the free version gives you 10 free popplets. Currently, the app is $4.99, but there is also a lite version that is free. Check out popplet, and share how you can use it in your classroom in the comments section below. Also, please share if there is a web tool that you too have recently "rediscovered."

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you have a great day!

D. Barkes



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