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Technology in the Classroom: Storybird

Updated: Feb 11, 2019


Reading and writing are two key indicators of high student performance. However, as teachers, developing these skills in students can be extremely difficult. I was one of those students who hated to write. I still remember copying stories and poems and turning them in as my own work. I did not become a true "learner" until college. So, how can teachers help students develop a passion for reading and writing at an earlier age?

For my classroom, Storybird was the solution. For many students that struggle with writing, the first sentence is often the most difficult. Where do they start? What should they write? Well, Storybird uses breathtaking artwork to help inspire students to write amazing stories. There is a huge library of artwork to choose from, and Storybird allows you to use the artwork to create picture books, chapter books, and even poetry. I used Storybird in my Social Studies classroom to help students write about the Ottoman Empire. That is the only prompt I provided. Simply, "Tell me about the Ottoman Empire." I showed my students how to use Storybird, and I let their creativity take it from there. They produced amazing stories, and helped reinforce the content they learned.

Storybird markets itself as a language arts tool. However, it is an effective tool for teachers in a variety of different classroom settings. Storybird is proud that more than 5 million students and 400,000 educators use Storybird in the classroom. Teachers are able to set up student accounts without providing an email address for students, and student information is never shared by Storybird. Teachers also have the ability to set up classes and open discussion for students within Storybird.

Not only does Storybird allow you to write amazing stories, poems, and books, it also allows you to print copies in a variety of different ways. Check out all of the ways here.

Writing is a fundamental skill that many students lack. According to PBS, writing requires more basic skills than maybe any other academic endeavor. Help inspire your students to develop their skill with Storybird.

Want to know more about how Storybird works, and how it can help your students? Check out the video below.

Please comment below, and share how you have used Storybird in your classroom. What do you think? What do your students think?



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