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Technology in the Classroom: Where to Begin?

So if you are like me, you have countless websites you visit on a daily basis. Many of these relate to your school or classroom, and others are for personal use. Some focus on social media, the news, or inspirational videos. For years, I simply typed the webpage into my search bar. I never added webpages to my favorites, because they were only available on my laptop. Well, Symbaloo has been a life saver for me. Symbaloo is a bookmarking page that allows you to bookmark favorite webpages, group them, and access them on any device. Symbaloo has become my homepage. I access my grade book, web tools for my classroom, and access my favorite website all through my Symbaloo page. Symbaloo has several free versions. I started years ago, and use the traditional Symbaloo page However, Symbaloo also has a version for educators. Check it out here, and let me know if there are any new features I am missing. The following posts are going to focus on the 52 websites and web tools you should have on your Symbaloo page.



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